Health and Wellness

 Itinerary: Fire & Sunset soiréE

 Unexpected Entertainment​​

The itinerary sails from vibrant Miami to the pastel-hued streets of Key West, with a day and night (10 am to midnight) spent at

The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas — complete with our signature bonfire bash under the stars. 

1 Day -  Miami
Departs at 07:00 PM

2 Day - Key West
Arrives at 08:00 AM

3 Day - The Beach Club at Bimini
Arrives at 10:00 AM

4 Day - Sailing

5 Day - Miami
Arrives at 6:30 AM

The Seriously Suite - $2800.00 per cabin (2 people) 

In-room bar. Check. Record player ready to spin favorite tunes. Double check. This suite is ideal for those who are serious about living life to the fullest. With plenty of room to take in the mesmerizing ocean views from any corner, luxury and self-care become serious art forms here. From the hand-woven hammock on the terrace to the outdoor champagne table and indoor Peek-a-Boo shower, this suite is the perfect place for bottle poppin’ and voyage rockin’. 

RockStar Perks

-Richard's Rooftop access
RockStar status unlocks our members-only sundeck filled with panoramic ocean views, lavish cocktail hours and late-night parties under the stars.

-Select beverages on us
Choose from a selection of drink options for the bar in your suite, so you can sip while gazing out at the sea on your terrace as soon as you arrive.
-Early booking/Priority access
Be the first to book and get prime access to our eateries, events, and experiences - any and all of our onboard and offshore experiences.
-RockStar Agents
24/7 access to our team of RockStar Agents ready to satisfy any and all of your needs and wants — before you even step aboard the ship.


The selections of options below are the most popular room configurations.

Virgin Voyages offers options for single guests, couples, as well as rooms that will accommodate 3 or 4.


Blink-or-you'll-miss-it pop-up performances and shows that blur the line between audience and performer. Our motley-crew of buzzworthy musicians, globetrotting DJs and audacious drag performers will make you feel so immersed in their world, you'll be glad your friends didn't let you get up and join them (but you can if you want). 

The Sea View - $1765.00 per cabin (2 people) 

Views on views minus the messy hair. This cabin has all the amenities of cabin life with a window seat that’s the closest Sailors can get to the ocean without getting wet (save that for the pool party).

Virgin Voyages AWTL Group Trip

December 1-5, 2021 

A new wave of health measures from Virgin Voyages before we set sail​

For the last few months, Virgin has been hard at work creating a new set of health measures so you can get back to those quiet, sun-on-your face moments spent out at sea. Virgin got into sea travel with the goal of redefining it, so even though the circumstances have changed, they’re committed to innovating and creating an even safer sailing experience. From ambitious goals for redefining health measures at sea, to new industry-leading partnerships — we want you to know what you can expect before, during, and after your voyage. 

BEFORE WE SAIL Implementing additional, frequent pre-boarding health checks and screenings, installing Thermal Camera technology to monitor temperatures at the terminal and on board, and fogging every single item that goes on our ships.

THE CLEAN SCENE Incorporating the latest heightened hygiene initiatives for COVID-19; sanitizing dispensers in every public space, touchless faucets, increased hygiene signage, and leveraging hospital grade EPA registered disinfectants from EcoLab.

A (LITERAL) BREATH OF CLEAN AIR Installing the latest technology from AtmosAir Solutions — an air filtration system that kills 99.9% of viruses. We treat 100% of the air on board, which is the first of its kind in the industry.

KEEPING IT SOCIAL (BUT DISTANT) Reducing our overall ship capacity for our start-up sailing period, creating more distance between groups at our spaces, and leveraging our already-digital experience to limit contact — from virtual queues and service chats to The Band (for no-touch payment).

(STILL) NO BUFFETS Never had them, never will. No large dining halls, just individual eateries — food is only prepared when it’s ordered. And for ShipEats, our onboard delivery service, we offer contactless drop-off and pick up.

AT OUR DESTINATIONS Managing the arrival/disembarkation times at the port terminals, so that physical distancing is possible. For Shore Things and at The Beach Club at Bimini, we only suggest activities that meet our health standards on the ship.

OUR CREW Conducting routine temperature checks and testing for COVID-19 for our Crew, education on best practices for COVID19-specific cleaning, and requiring gloves and frequent hand washing for high risk areas of contamination.

AFTER WE SAIL Aiming to set up a post-voyage notification process so Sailors and Crew can inform us if they become unwell, and contacting anyone who may have come into close contact so you can arrange any necessary follow-ups or care.

The Sea Terrace - $1990.00 per cabin (2 people)

Epic ocean views, whether Sailors are inside on the European queen, transitional Seabed or dangling from the sustainably sourced, hand-woven terrace hammock. Complete with nautically inspired brass and leather finishings, Sailors will enjoy this sensory and responsive clever cabin. Pick up the personal tablet to adjust the mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming or order one-touch room service. Sea gaze outside or head into the Roomy Rainshower in the upgraded bathroom experience.